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Established May 30, 2012

“For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home.”

— Matthew 25:35

The Fellowship Baptist Church Food Pantry (The Food Pantry) celebrated its first year of operation on May 30, 2013. The Food Pantry operates in conjunction with the Capital Area Food Bank (The Food Bank) which acquires food and distributes it through its network of community feeding programs; and educates and enlightens the community about the issues of hunger and nutrition. The Food Bank is a privately-owned, non-profit warehouse that distributes food and other related products to food assistance programs located in the Metropolitan area, and has been in operation for over 30 years and distributes approximately 30 million pounds of food to 700 partner agencies. Additional information on the Food Bank can be found at Fellowship Baptist Church’s Food Pantry commitment requires the purchase of at least 12,000 pounds of food per year at reduced cost.

Fellowship’s Food Pantry is chaired by Trustee Arthuryne Taylor and Trustee Jerrel L. Catlett, Sr. Rev. Carlton W. Veazey is its Executive Director. Sister Theresa Brockenberry Lee acts as its Secretary-Treasurer. Sister Vicey Frazier is the Coordinator and directs a cadre of members to the end result of feeding the hungry. In her role, she goes to the Food Bank to purchase the food, oversees its delivery to the church and directs the preparation of the bags and other tasks that include distribution of the bags of food to clients.

The Fellowship Baptist Church Food Pantry made its first distribution on Saturday, June 16, 2012 and has since operated on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 12:00 PM—2:00 PM. During its first year, the Food Pantry served on average: 78 African-American, 21 Hispanic and 2 White households that consisted of a total of 200 adults and 100 children. Also, an average of 13 volunteers participated at each distribution where 102 bags were given. The average poundage per distribution was 1,816 and the average cost per distribution was $355.51.

The Food Pantry could not have been successful each Saturday of operation without the dedicated help of the people listed: Food Bank Shopping/Pick-up (Tuesday and Thursday) — Sister Gloria Anderson and Trustee Jerrel Catlett, I; Food Pantry Thursday Bagging — Sister Gloria Anderson, Sister Sara Gibbs, Sister Carol Releford and Sister Judith Allen; Saturday Food Pantry Distribution — Sister Gloria Anderson, Trustee Jerrel Catlett, I, Brother Jerrel Catlett, II; Sister Monique Catlett, Sister Barbara Collins, Sister Sara Gibbs, Sister Cutura Hill, Sister/Dr. Lillian Holloman, Sister Donna Nunn, Sister Carol Releford, Brother Theophilus Robinson, Deacon John Shorter, Deacon-In-Training Lorenzo Thorne, Sister Sadie Wheeler, Sister Judith Allen, and Sister Maggie Kingwood. Food Pantry Support Services—Brother Douglas Johnson and Trustee Carolyn Rudd Johnson (provides a worker); Trustee Richard Simms (provides worker, transportation and printing), and Trustee Ann Stamps (provides transportation and food purchase).

During this year, many “Friends of Fellowship” answered the call (through letters and members) to help feed the hungry through Fellowship’s Food Pantry. Fellowship Baptist Church continues to be grateful to God for the friendship, sharing and caring of: Brother Alan Akers, Sister Judith Allen, Sister Ruth Asbury, Brother Lawrence Bailey, Sister Melvadeen Bailey, Sister Leona Barnes, Brother Lorenzo Baxter, Sister Frances Berry, Sister Oceola Briscoe, Sister Dorothy Boddie Brother George Burdick, Sister Gladys Butler, Sister Dorine Caves, Brother Ronald Coleman, Crisfield Restaurant, Brother Anthony Croom and Sister Barbara Croom, Sister Sheila Evans, Brother Francis, Brother Ronald Frazier, Brother James Gibson, Sister Yvonne Gordon, Sister Carolyn Green, Sister LaShawn Green, Sister Geraldine Greene, Sister Evelyn Grigsby, Sister Joyce Grimes, Sister Mercedes Henriquez, Deacon Emeritus Edward Hightower, Brother and Sister William Hightower, Sister Gwendolyn Holland, Sister Josetta Hoover, Sister Norma Hubbard, Brother Robert Johnson, B Jones, Brother/Dr. Kalambayi T. Kabasela, Sister Barbara Looper, Sister Cynthia Martin, Brother Nathaniel McCoy and Sister Janet McCoy, Rev. Joyce McPhail, Sister Jessica Miller, Sister Mary L. Mitchell, Sister Brenda Noel, Brother Dwight Riley, Rev. Gus Roman and Sister Eunice Roman, Sister Shebra Simms, Sister Clergy Fellowship, Brother of Fred Suite, Minister Robert Tolson, Brother Sterling Tucker, Sister Jennifer Urquhart, Sister Katherine Warner, Brother Robert Warr, Brother Frank Weathers, Brother Reginald Welch, Brother Babu G. Welch, Brother James Welch, Brother Sule Welch and Sister Cecily Welch, Brother Lynwood Westray, Brother Joseph Williams, Brother Oliver Winkfield, and Sister Loretha Young.

In spite of these trying financial times in which we live, we pray that God will continue to direct and bless us as we personalize and personify Matthew 25: 35 . To God Be the Glory!