In compliance with the CDC, and the Mayor, Fellowship will suspend our on-site services and activities until further notice. We will continue to have Bible study online and a Sunday message will be posted on our Facebook page each week. Praying peace and health, for each of you, our community and the world. Yours In Christ, Rev. Patricia H. Fears Senior Servant

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Love Over Hate! Get Woke! Stay Woke!

Rev. Dr. Lewis T. Tait, Jr. & Rev. Patricia Fears

The word “woke” is a clarion call born out of a cultural uprising to challenge the systemic injustices in “these yet to be United States” as Maya Angelou aptly described our country. To be “woke” is to be have complete awareness of the social ills of our day and the root cause of what is causing the problems we face. “Get Woke” is a call to us to see beyond the news clips and political rhetoric that wants us to believe lies instead of seeing the truth. “Get Woke” is a call to acknowledge the injustices wherever they may be and speak truth to power, while taking action to bring about positive change.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” These two phrases, “Get Woke” and “Stay Woke”, summons one to be aware of your surroundings (ignorance is no excuse), the things that affect your community, staying engaged in order to resist any action that may adversely affect your community and others. We resist injustices with the power of love, because love will conquer hate!

Fellowship Baptist Church in partnership with The Village Church have produced window clings that can be place in car or home windows.  The decal lets people know that you are engaged in matters that effect your community.  Soon this site will post community engagement activities that you can participate in around justice, health, education and more.  We will also host seminar on such topics as organizing, voter education, alternative medicine, and the environment.  Stay Woke!